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There is no doubt that Internet is one of the greatest innovation taken place in a human world. The access to Internet has made almost everything available on our finger tips. With the increase in our dependence on Internet there is a drastic increase in web servers.

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Web Server

A program which uses hyper text transfer protocol that is commonly known as HTTP with the purpose of serving files which create web pages as a feedback of the requests of the users, that was forwarded by HTTP clients is known as server.

Roles of a web server

The very basic functions performed by a web server are-

  • To act as a host for the web site.

  • To deliver the content of web from hosted site to the Internet.

What Windows VPS actually is?

Windows VPS is a private virtual server of Microsoft and being a big name it is more trusted and used. Lack of information may result in the creation and dispersion of rumors which sustain and expand further till a proper clarification is been made. Some of the misconceptions about windows VPS may include Linux VPS are safer to use as compared to windows VPS as well as that It is easy to use Windows VPS hosting as compared with Linux VPS.

Benefits of windows VPS

There are a number of advantages of using windows VPS India to grow and expand small e commerce site or any other web site. It helps in shutting down of the server as well as looks after its booting and rebooting. It also provides proper time for critical business applications. It gives high connectivity and speed in network along with securing the system from viruses. It is quite flexible and other software could be installed and run in it very conveniently.

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