The Dominatrix Way

Power, trust and love are the three abstract entities that this world is based upon. God trusted Noah to be truthful and live without sin and chose him to live while he killed the rest. Kronos was powerful and ruled the world for a long time. But, as soon as he realized that his kids are more powerful than him, he ate them and killed them. Helen was loved by two men equally, which sparked The Trojan War and all its glorious battles. History has been continuously broken down and remade with these entities and it will continue to do so in the future.



Dominatrix and BDSM

A Dominatrix is a female who wields the swords of Power, Trust and Love to bring about a journey filled with pleasure and safety for her slaves who like to indulge in the head-spinning power play. She is female Master who satiate their needs of pleasure through BDSM- an erotic roleplay comprising Bondage, Domination, Submission and Sadomasochism. A Dominatrix invokes pleasure through pain. They liked to be called as Mistress while role-playing. Their job not only includes giving out pleasure, but, also taking care of the aftermath, where the slave is weakened after the session as most slaves who indulge in these are mostly, but not necessarily, abused at some point of their lives.

The Types of Relationships

The Mistresses undertaking of clientele depends on their profession, their capabilities and the time they dedicate to practicing BDSM. They practice BDSM sessions, or Live-in sessions where the Slave lives with them over a span of days to learn the ways of a Slave and are expected to completely give up their lives to serve the Mistress and do as she pleases, or indulge in being a Slave to the Mistress forever and form a life-long bond of serving her and taking care of her needs.